Winnie Drawings

 Remember the pics of Winnie on my glass table trying to get to her toys?

And the one of her with her princess hat?
 The students drew pictures of Winnie for her visit.  Here she is in her princess hat and the one on the right is Winnie standing on the table looking at her toy.

 The kids really liked Winnie's princess look.

 And her table standing seems to have made a big impression.

 It's  a Spanish class and Winnie is asking for help in Spanish.  I love that some of the kids even drew my metal globe that is in the photograph.

It's so interesting to see my pup through the children's eyes.


Immortalized in art, as befits a princess!
Anonymous said…
The drawings are wonderful!

Have a great day!

NanaDiana said…
LOL- Those renderings are absolutely precious!!!! xo Diana
Anonymous said…
now thats an amazing gift, lol,, a treat for everyone, win win,,
It's so sweet of them to draw Winnie. I like the one with her on the table with the question mark. That was so cute.
Guillaume said…
Oh that is very sweet!
What precious pictures.