Winnie Goes to School

My friend teaches 2nd grade and her students are in love with Winnie.  My friend showed them pics of Winnie from the time we brought her home and the kids just couldn't get enough of her.  So,  The Blog Tech and his sister took Winnie for a visit.
Winnie was very excited to go to school.
As you can see, they were anticipating her arrival.
 The kids sat calmly and let Winnie approach them.  You can see, they were drawing pictures of her.

Winnie went from student to student and greeted each one.

 Then they all got to pet her and give her hugs.

 Winnie was in heaven. So were the kids.


Alicia Foodycat said…
School would have been so much better if people brought dogs!
laurie said…
what a wonderful treat for both Winnie and the children!
Anonymous said…
So fun! There should definitely be more dogs in school!

Have a great day!

Heritage Hall said…
What a joy that must have been for everyone, including Winnie..
The Children will long hold her in their treasure trove of memories
of School....
I bet she had more fun than the kids did. There is a college that has a puppy room for students that are having a hard time of it at school. There should be a puppy room at every school with at least 10 puppies for students and even teachers to pet and love.
Rain said…
That is a wonderful thing, for the kids and Winnie!!! She's a star that's for sure lol!

PS: I looked up Detroit style did I NOT know about this lol? That'll be on the menus for next month for sure!!! :)
Guillaume said…
Oh that is sweet! Good to teach kids to love animals.
This just warms my heart--wonderful for Winnie and wonderful for the children.
how sweet was this.
Cottage Tails said…
oh my how she has grown - which can bee seen in first photo of the blog tech holding her.
I bet the kids will talk about Winnies visit for a long time.
baili said…
how sweet and adorable she is !!!

thank you for such incredibly interesting post!