A Birthday Lunch

 My daughter's birthday is this week and she has plans for that day so yesterday I made she and her boyfriend a birthday lunch to enjoy together.  I made her a Spring flower arrangement too.

 I made all of her favorite things.  Roasted shishito peppers and asparagus, deviled eggs and a pot of caviar, crab spread and crudite, and a bunch of pickled vegetables with cheese and meat.

 I also made a spring carbonara with extra asparagus and peppers.

 It's so warm here that I had the kitchen door open at 5:00 this morning.  Notice Winnie is not out there.  Notice that it is raining out there.  Such a chow chow.  She hates getting her paws wet.


Wow, what a lunch! Happy Birthday to your daughter.
The JR said…
I don't blame Winnie. I hate it when my paw paws get wet too.

Great birthday flowers and food for your daughter and her boyfriend.
Susan said…
Happy birthday, Joyce's Daughter! My doxie is the same - full speed ahead, rain spotted, brakes on. Then it's like pushing string to get him out there.
Happy Birthday to you daughter! What a lovely gift of food, flowers and love!
Valerie said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter! She has a very generous MOM! And yes, I have to carry the dogs out in the rain, or it's rapid reverse at the door.
Anonymous said…
The food looks delicious as it always does :-)

I soo understand Winnie :-)

Have a great day!

Lucy hates going out in the rain too. Everything sounds wonderful.
Linda said…
I'm hungry, and that all looks delicious. Happy birthday to your daughter. Winnie looks to you in the last picture to make the rain end?
Guillaume said…
I love spaghetti.