A Lifesaver

 This travel pillow has been a lifesaver for sure. 

 It's so much more comfortable than a cone or that big blue ring we had on Winnie originally.  It has a string and toggle closure which I covered by cutting the toe out of a heavy winter sock and sliding it over that area.  She is not moving much and still feeling the after effects of the anesthesia.

 We finally got her to go out and pee and she crashed when she came back, just inside the door.  She laid here for most of the afternoon yesterday.

 Today she is better but you can see that she still looks a bit out of it.  She will just sit like this for the longest time.

 Then she will finally lay down.

And fall to sleep.  She knows how to rock this lifesaver!


Anonymous said…
aww, she looks so sad,, lol,, poor Winnie,
Anonymous said…
Poor little girl!
I hope she'll be back to normal again in a day or so!

Have a great day!

She's probably wondering "WTF?"
She's probably saying, "mom, don't you ever take me back there (to the vet) again!" Poor baby girl. She looks so helpless and little. If she was mine, I would be sitting with her and singing her to sleep.
Susan said…
Such a sweet pup. That cone of shame alternative is just brilliant!
MaryO said…
Poor Winnie! Poor Joyce! It's been just as hard on you as Winnie...she'll be her own sassy self in a couple of days, I'm sure. Sending the both of you gentle hugs!😚💕🐶
chickpea678 said…
Oh she’s so sweet! Good idea re: the travel pillow!
brillant idea to use the travel pillow. poor winnie.
Rest brings healing. Sweet prayers for Winnie that each day is better. Please tell her those meds knock me for a loop too!
1st Man said…
I know she hates it and Momma is probably stressed too but dang if she's not adorable in those pictures.