A Witch Cup

 Winnie's schnozz continues to fade.  She has melting snow on it this morning too.  This might be our last snow until next Fall and she sure will miss it when it's gone.  I will too!

 I rarely add to my witch collection anymore but when I saw this cup I had to get it.

 I never saw one like it before.

 It's a very pretty pattern.

It makes my morning coffee taste better too.


The JR said…
I love the pattern of the china on your new cup. Very pretty. Of course, my head immediately can see it in a mosaic. Just saying.....if you drop it, make a mosaic out of it.

Winnie is beautiful. Reminds me of my momma's dog that she had in a way.
Valerie said…
I imagine all sorts of libations taste better in that cup! What a find! Smooches to Winnie!
Very elegant! Both the cup and Winnie!
Susan said…
I love it! Wherever did you find it? I swear Winnie looks more adorable with each photo...
Winnie is sooooo cute. I love that cup and saucer. So pretty. The stripe pattern reminds me of Witch stockings.
Rain said…
That's a beautiful cup! I love it! :) Winnie, you are not alone, I think all of our dogs with the exception of Jack the hound will really miss playing in the snow when it melts too! :)
I do like that cup! I've never seen anything like it either.

I wish I could send over some snow from us, we have plenty to share :-) :-) They even say we might get 4 inches next Tuesday too and I'm not happy about it.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Lovely cup, but I'm not sure I'd drink from it.
wonderful coffee cup. sweet pup.
Janice Hebert said…
Don't blame you for buying the cup! It's so pretty. Love the stripes - what a great find. And Winnie is getting so grown up looking. We are having snow as I type this but not as much as first predicted. Thank heaven! Hoping this is our last but being in New England, you never know! Jan
Linda said…
I must have been ill the day you posted this. That is a great cup! I would have bought that, and I don't have a witch collection.