Day 5 of recovery and not mush is going on around here.  Just a lot of sitting and watching Winnie.

 Apparently she is quite comfortable wearing her travel pillow!

The world revolves around her right now which is just the way she likes it!


Anonymous said…
such an easy going pup to adjust to that neck pillow so well, she just seems to go with the flow!!
we humans could learn much from our furry friends,
Oh, look at those eyes!
That first picture makes Winnie look as cute as she is.
Heritage Hall said…
What a sweet, tender and patient expression.
She is a love.
Guillaume said…
My cat thinks the same, that the world revolves around him. And so does my son, although in Wolfie's case, he is right.
Jim said…
What a sweetie! Happy she is adjusting.
Kay said…
She is such a beautiful pup.
that travel pillow is a lifesaver for sure. poor winnie still recovering. the world revolves around her right now as it should.