Homemade Sauerkraut

 Several years ago I bought this sauerkraut crock at Lehman's In Ohio.  I never got around to using it until this past February.  I made my first sauerkraut.

 It's so very simple.  Just shred some cabbage, salt it and pound it until it creates a brine.

 I used the blunt end of my rolling pin to do this.

 Make sure the brine covers the cabbage and then weight it down.  I bought the weights to go with this crock.

Cover it and forget it.

 Six weeks later....voila! 

 I used most of mine to make sauerkraut to serve with kielbasa.

 I threw it in a crock pot, added some pork ribs and smoked pork chops, thyme and rosemary and a little beef broth 3 T. brown sugar and 2 T. of tomato paste.  Twenty four hours later, I had some of the best sauerkraut I've ever made.

 If you ever wonder what I do with all of the meat I buy from the smokehouse, here is what I made The Blog Tech and his wife for breakfast yesterday.  French toast with my sourdough bread, served with maple syrup from last year's maple trip. Southern bell sausage, bacon and Canadian bacon from the smokehouse.  And an asparagus and mushroom omelet with Double Gloucester cheese.  They love their weekend breakfasts.

Look!  Winnie still fits in her bed.  Barely, but she can still make it. This is where she chews her bone each morning.


laurie said…
I knew that crock would make good!!!!
The store bought weights are so much better than my rock I use lol,,,,, That pup is really growing fast!
Anonymous said…
I must admit that I'm not especially fond of sauerkraut. Otherwise I like cabbage in all ways :-)

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
Making sauerkraut is on my list of things to do. We have a large eastern European community here and there are as many recipes for sauerkraut as there are families. And yay for asparagus. I've always loved a ham and asparagus quiche to celebrate the noble stalk.
Linda said…
I always intended to make sauerkraut even though I did not like it. It turns out the allergist told me to never eat anything fermented. So, now I know why I cannot eat it. I like the smell, love cabbage, and can eat one strand on a hotdog. It seems like a skill one should have.
Guillaume said…
I love a good sauerkraut, with sausages and lots of beer.
Kay said…
Art loves sauerkraut with his hot dog. This dish would really appeal to him! I had no idea this was how it was made.
1st Man said…
Hmm, I've never thought about making sauerkraut but I do like it. Not sure 2nd Man does but then again, maybe he's only ever had it from a can. I will have to look into that Lehman's crock you have. I LOVE Lehman's, I'd love to go to the store. I'd probably go broke, ha.
yummy sauerkraut. winnie looks comfy cozy in her bed.