Out of Jail

 Winnie gets her stitches out this afternoon.  I took down all of the barriers this morning and she has been flying around the house.

She literally has been running from the basement to the 3rd floor over and over again. She did her time and now has freedom!


NanaDiana said…
Awww...nothing like getting out of jail (although I wouldn't know that from firsthand experience)! lol Have a great Thursday- xo Diana
The JR said…
Yea! Freedom. Sounds like she is getting good exercise too!!!
MaryO said…
Hooray for Winnie! No longer a jailbird!
Wait until she gets that onesie off. Then she'll be flying and never touch the ground.
Rain said…
Good girl Winnie! She must feel so happy! :)
It must feel awesome to finally be able to run around as she pleases :-)

Have a great day!

Linda said…
Free at last, free at last, thank you Mommy, I am free at last. I wonder if she thought her world had constricted permanently.
Heritage Hall said…
Have a ball, Winnie love -
You have earned it...!!
freedom is a precious thing. enjoy it winnie.