We have had a snowier winter than usual this year. We have consistently had 2-3 inches of snow for most of the winter.  And on the first day of Spring, we finally had a really good snow.

 It actually broke a record for this date.  We got about a foot.  My husband built an unusually skinny snowman for Winnie.  More of a snow obelisk.  Winnie ate the base.

 In typical chow chow fashion, Winnie loves snow.

 She ran around like the little kid she is and played and played.

I had to coax her inside for dinner and that is saying something because she sure loves to eat.

 It's fun to play in the snow when you have such a nice fur coat to keep you warm.

"I want to go back outside."


Linda said…
She does look sad to be in.
The JR said…
Glad somebody enjoys snow. I hate it.
Happy Thursday.
Awwwww. I would have taken film of her playing in the snow. She looks like she's wishing for more snow tomorrow.
Susan said…
You got your snow! Thankfully, the latest storm missed us. My pups are suffering from tunnel vision - their environment is greatly reduced. Winnie looks so happy!
Your Chow is so cute! Our Great Pyrenees has a super thick coat too and is happiest when it is cold and snowy.
A great winter for both you and Winnie!
Rain said…
Cute girl! Our Charlie, the black and white husky is the same, if we could trust her not to pull her Houdini act, we'd leave her outside most of the time because she just loves it. She digs a snow bed and just lays there! Funny snowman lol...I really laughed at that!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to all that snow!
We got some too during the night but thankfully it all melted away during the day. We still have around 6 inches on the ground though :-) :-)

My Sune and Winnie would have had lots of fun in the snow if they could meet :-) My two others would most likely wonder what was wrong with them :-) :-)

Have a great day!

I am so glad you got a big snow at least once this year!! Ours is melting so quickly....more than half is already gone is 50+degrees here now. Winnie is ADORABLE!!!! I love your photos of her...she is quite photogenic!!
Guillaume said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely snow... But late in March, I am getting slightly fed up. Apparently there will be some this weekend here, maybe even at Easter.
glad you got one big snow. winnie looks thrilled to be enjoying it.