The Daily Blog Tech Visit

 Winnie gets very excited every day when The Blog Tech visits.  He has to sit on the floor in the same place so she can shower him with puppy kisses.

 She always has to sit on his lap.

It's so sad when he leaves.


Susan said…
I don’t blame him – she is so completely squeezable! I can’t believe how Brown her little muzzle is getting!
She's getting so big, LOL!
I agree with Susan. Her muzzle IS getting so brown. She looks all ruffled in that last picture.
Rain said…
Lucky Blog Tech! I would love to be showered with Winnie kisses! :)
MaryO said…
Beyond sweet. Mad about the boy!
laurie said…
oh she loves him,,,,,and he loves her!!!!
Cottage Tails said…
oh my she is growing
She's so cute :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
She loves him like a big brother.
jody said…
Winnie is adorable! love watching her grow! she is surrounded by lots of love for sure! enjoy!
being showered with puppy kisses is a good thing. right winnie.