Winnie Post Op

 My poor puppy!  She probably hates me right now.  She has no idea what has happened.

 Big inner tube....little puppy!  Chow chows do not handle anesthesia very well.  They actually have to use a different kind for chows than they do for other dogs.  It takes a long time for it to work it's way out of their systems.  She is still very, very loopy. We are staying in the garden room to avoid steps which I have barricaded.  She sits and stares at the barricade.  She is very unhappy right now.

 The vet put a cone on her.  That was never going to work.  She was miserable.  Then we put the big blue blowup inner tube on her and it was really too big.  Finally I used one of my travel neck pillows and wrapped it in one of my scarves.  It worked better and she got a bit of sleep last night.  I, on the other hand, got very little.

This morning I cut a sock to slide over the back portion of the pillow to make it more comfortable and got rid of the bulky scarf. With 24 hour supervision, a few pain pills and lots and lots of petting, she should be good to go in 13 more days.  Good grief!


Aww, poor baby. My fur baby hated the cone and we took it off so she could sleep. That was so very wrong and she pulled out all her stitches. We rushed her back to the vet where she had to undergo another procedure and we had to spend another $300.
Anonymous said…
oh my,,,,,, poor Winnie, poor you,,,,, so sad, so necessary but such a sad face lol,,,its amazing how fast they bounce back though,,she will be fine,, you on the other hand may take longer to bounce back lol,,,
Calling Nurse Joyce! Winnie is in good hands.
Poor little girl. Winnie will be fine in a couple of days. She will forget all this and be right as rain. That neck pillow was a stroke of genius. Give her lots and lots of love.
Did the vet make under stitches and then one final outside stitch? My vet did and Lucy didn't need a cone. She didn't even have a scar. It was amazing.
Anonymous said…
Yes poor Winnie!

Nova was lucky to get those inside stitches when she got spayed so she never had to use and cone. I wonder why they don't do like that more often, so much easier for everyone. That neck pillow worked very good though and I do hope she doesn't think it is too uncomfortable and tries to get rid of it.

Have a great day!

Cheapchick said…
Poor thing. The top picture looks like she is off with her blue innertube for a day at the beach lol
My thoughts and prayers are both with you and Winnie. When our four legged children are miserable, so are we. Winnie is a very loved puppy girl and she is receiving the best of care. Here is hoping the next few days past quickly for both of you.
Cottage Tails said…
awww the things we do so they do not have a wee nibble at the stitches.
LOVE the quilt!!
Guillaume said…
Oh poor WInnie!
oh dear, poor winnie. i wish your pup a speedy recovery.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Poor love! It seems to be much easier for cats! Urchin didn't need a cone and the incision was tiny.
Dee said…
The last surgery my girl had, she had a surgical body suit that worked great! Before, she had to have the cone and it was awful. Hope Winnie gets better soon.
Valerie said…
I'm sure she'll heal quickly--sometimes harder on the owners than the pets when recovering from surgery. Such a sweet girl.
Linda said…
Well, I was shocked at post op talk. I missed the whole thing as I skipped a day reading. Glad she is doing okay.
Karin Vail said…
we have a saint bernard and they have the same problems with anesthesia as chow chows. Some never wake up :( This is one of the reasons I decided not to spay our girl, but I totally respect those that decide to do the spay. Heats are a messy pain and they act quite a bit different when those hormones are raging!
Poor Winnie, doesn't look too happy. Feel better soon, both of you :)