Winnie got some new bows.

 Hey Win Win, how do you like your bows?

Not so much I guess.


Susan said…
She reminds me of the lion on Wizard of Oz - after the beauty treatment in the Emerald City. I'm guessing she like the bows about as much as Lovey like her pink tutu.
HAHAHAAAHAHAAA! That little blue tongue says it all.
Rain said…
Cute! What a pretty little thang! ;)
It doesn't look like she like them especially much :-) :-)

Both my Albin and Nova look the same as soon as I put anything on them :-) :-)

Have a great day!

NanaDiana said…
I guess they are not her THANG! lol xo Diana
Linda said…
She says she will have to get used to them and get back on how she likes the bows. I think they are cute...
such sweet bows on such a sweet puppy. you look adorable winnie.