City Turkeys

 I had to meet the bricklayers very early this morning to plan the patio work at my daughter's house.  I didn't realize that they would be starting the work today so I hadn't cooked for them.  I had to feed them something so I drove to a local donut shop to buy some for them. The shop is in an old, congested part of the city. There was a temporary traffic delay when I came upon these guys slowly strolling across the street.  People behind me were honking like crazy because they couldn't seee the birds and they had no idea why I stopped in the middle of the road.

 They better not do this at Thanksgiving time or they likely will end up in the ovens of these houses!

 More puppy sweetness.

 She could do this all day long.

The Puppy Whisperer does it again!


Anonymous said…
imagine that! city turkeys!!!
and a good size flock too,, Winnie looks so blissful lol,,, true love,,
rachel weinblum said…
A real thrill is a low-flying city turkey crossing the road in front of your car!
Those aren't turkeys. That's a gang. Y'all got gang problems. I'm the same way with Lucy. I'm the Lucy whisperer.
MaryO said…
Winnie loves her boy! So sweet!

Here on the Peninsula in SoCal we have a LOT of peacocks. LOTS. Depending on where you live, you may see hordes of them or just a stray 2 or 3. They don't necessarily travel in packs, rather they travel in 'families'. It's not unusual to see a peahen with 2-3 chicks (I guess they're chicks) following her. Sometimes Dad is around, mostly not tho'
Anonymous said…
Magnificent birds! Rather nasty to meet though even if I only have met some that lived on a farm :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Adorable Winnie!!! :) That is a hoot Joyce, I've never seen "city" turkeys!!! I've seen very big and scary wild turkeys in the woods though, I'm sure they could outrun me and peck me silly. ;)
carol pavlik said…
Joyce, I would love to see a video when Winnie first sees the Blog Tech thru her massage. Love the photos. Carol
It just seems like yesterday that Winnie was a tiny puppy who could fit on the Blog Tech's lap!
Guillaume said…
That is quite a sight.