D.O.G. (deeOgee) continues to be Winnie's favorite toy.  She carries him out of her kennel each morning for morning exercise time.

 She takes him out on the porch to look for squirrels.

 D.O.G. is very patient with her.

He muffles his inner scream while locked in the chow chow jaws of death.
 Winnie checks for damage.

 But is distracted by birds.

 What?  I didn't kill him!

D.O.G. just likes to play dead.


Linda said…
I am so glad you can translate for us.
That's soooo cute. Poor D.O.G., he's so loved. Well, he should be happy. He gets to travel around the house and see things the other toys don't get to see.
Guillaume said…
It's like she has a baby.
MaryO said…
That face!🐶🐶🐶🐶
Rain said…
I love seeing dogs with their toys... so cute!
D.O.G. and winnie are the perfect combination.