Spring is Here

 Though we had 5 inches of snow yesterday morning, it melted already and now we have pouring Spring rain.  And my cucumbers are growing!

 And another sure sign of Spring, my ramps are coming up. I think I am going to have a good ramp season this year.  I can't wait....I have so many ramp recipes to try.

And the best part is that I have a puppy with Spring fever who is already enjoying her Spring garden.


The JR said…
I've always wanted to try ramps
Valerie said…
Does Winnie get the puppy "zoom-zooms"?
I'm with JR, I've also wanted to try ramps too. I've never heard of them except reading your blog about them. I bet Winnie is having the best fun right now. The best of both worlds, snow and pretty days in one weeks time. It's been absolutely beautiful here. We are expecting a cold front this week. Yeah, it'll drop our temps from the 70's and mid 80's down to 70's. OOOOOooo aaahhhhhh, amazing right?
Heritage Hall said…
Thanks to your inspiration, we had our Friends in W. Virginia send us
a supply of ramps and, yes, with your recipe in hand we thoroughly
enjoyed this new taste. Recommend.
Spring has sprung! Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
We might get spring tomorrow :-) The predictions, which I never believe :-), says 50F tomorrow and more or less as warm for the rest of the week :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Spring is here too.
temps here dropping to below freezing tomorrow. maybe snow. you and winnie are fortunate spring has sprung.
Herbalgirl said…
We have lots of ramps/ramsons in the UK. A weirdly good thing to try is a ramps and peanut butter sandwich. I know....odd. I love chopping them up and tossing in a new potato salad.