The Last Snow?

 Winnie settled in and enjoyed the snow we had yesterday.

 She ate as much of it as she could.

 She wore a little too.

 Little does she know that today's snow might be the last for this season.

 It has been a snowy beginning for this little pup.

 We brought her home on November 24th.

 We've had snow almost constantly since then.

 When we had 85 degrees last week, she walked around panting and looking at me like I'd done something wrong.

Oh little one, Summer is coming.  Will you like it?


Valerie said…
She'll get the hang of getting cool on warm days. My dogs are the opposite. They are older and have experienced many seasons' changes. But every first snowfall I get the "WTF" look.
Anonymous said…
she looks right at home in the snow,,
Susan said…
It will be time to bring out the kiddie pool! Ice cubes are very tasty, too.
So far, Winnie has been your Snow Charm, bringing lots of the white stuff your way.
The JR said…
I'll take a guess at that answer and say "No, momma. I'm too hairy to enjoy hot weather!"

Linda said…
That's funny. I wonder what she will think when it appears the snow will never come back.
you could set up a walk-in freezer for summer for her. She would love it.
Anonymous said…
Summer heat will be a big surprise for her :-) I'm sort of glad that we almost never get it as hot as You do even though I do like warm summers :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
My parents are fed up with the snow. Here it's the hottest day of April on record, and I'm fed up with it too.
the summer will be a switch for winnie, no doubt. i wonder how she'll take to the lack of snow.
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I hope you are right about the last snow. It was wonderful with those two warm ( hot) days last week and I am hoping for more to come.

Will Winnie get a haircut for the summer?