Treat Time

 Winnie knows that it is treat time when she returns from her morning walk.  She came home wet this morning from the dew.  Her hair curls when she gets wet.  This is the 'I really need a treat' look.

 Put it right here mama.

 I have all kinds of room in my mouf!

 Oh yum yum yum, these treats are so good.

I will have another please.


Valerie said…
I could never say no to that cute face!
The JR said…
Awwwwwwww, give her 5 or 6 more!
Susan said…
I would be forking over a steady stream of treats. That face.
Rain said…
She's so cute! My hair curls in the rain too lol! ;)
What a cute little girl. She's just too cute!
Anonymous said…
Of course she should have a treat :-)

She's really getting brown around her nose now! Soo cute :-)

Have a great day!

MaryO said…
Such a precious pup!
Linda said…
I wish my hair curled in rain. Train up a dog, and she will never let you forget treat time.
I love her face. You can never post enough pictures of Winnie.
who could say no to that adorable face. treats galore.