What a Week

 Have you ever had one of those periods of time when everything seems to head downward at the same time?  This last week has been a killer.

Just as we thought my daughter's cottage was nearly complete,  her plumbing clogged up.  Four days and four plumbers and none of them could break up the clog.  We finally had to bring in a company that blows out huge city fountains and they managed to blast out an 80 year old shitfest. It took ripping out the new bathroom wall and floor to do this so a lot of steps backward on that project. Then The Blog Tech saw a crack in his ceiling and our contractor found out that the basement joists were failing and we had to replace them all. Not to mention the patching and painting of all the above. Old houses!

 Then the worst part of the week happened.  My daughter's boyfriend was on his motorcycle coming home from work late at night and the car in front of him slammed on it's brakes with no warning.  The Chef went flying.  He broke his elbow, three bones in his foot and has brush burns from head to toe.  He spent several days in the hospital after surgery.  The poor guy said he liked being in the hospital because you can be lazy and no one yells at you.  He needs some time away from restaurant kitchens!  He hated the hospital's food and told my daughter that he would love a BLT.  I spent a big chunk of yesterday frying bacon and baking bread and made him killer BLT's.  He is on the mend but has no idea when he can go back to work.  A one handed chef with a gimpy foot is a no go.

 I went to a local farm and bought hydroponic lettuces, fresh eggs and hoop house veggies and made everyone big salads to go with the BLT's.  Whomever said that bad luck comes in 3's might be right.


Poor Chef! I hope he heals quickly and well. Glad the accident wasn't worse -- motorcycles offer no protection against anything.
Susan said…
Oh, crap (literally and figuratively)! What a mess on the homes front - after all that work! I am glad that the Chef has a good sense of humor and wasn't more seriously injured, although, as you said a bum hand and a bum foot will keep him out of the kitchen. At least he will be well-fed! And there's always Winnie to dole out the sympathetic fuzzy hugs.
MaryO said…
Ay carumba!

Firstly.... SO glad the Chef is on the mend. That accident could have been far more disasterous. I work in healthcare and we don't call them "donor" cycles for nothing! Perhaps the Chef needs to use this down time to revisit his choice of "wheels"...............

Secondly- Dang! What a beotch about the plumbing. We do not have a particularly old house (it's 50+ years... a youngster really) but we've had our share of plumbing issues, the most problematic was a relining of the pipe that leads from the house to the city sewer system. And it wasn't a shitfest, rather a sherwood forest of roots. 8G. Wow. I should have gone to plumbing school!

Thirdly... Dang again on the cracks... but probably the most easily fixed of all the three issues.

You're done for awhile..... I'm a firm believer in the "trouble in threes"...

Take care and best to your family ! Luv, MaryO1230
Karen Ann said…
Awful accident! Glad the Chef survived, and boy you sure feed your people well - yum.

I say bad luck comes in threes too. I don't count the tooth because that is something that was coming. It was fractured by a previouse dentist long ago. But Yeah, that bitch comes in threes and on top of one another. The picture of all that bacon made David want a BLT for lunch. He's home for the day. We are going to hunt for washers.
The JR said…
Geeze, it has been a bummer of a week. So sorry to hear about the chef. Hopefully, he'll be a whole lot better soon.

yikes, on the house.

Linda said…
What a week for all of you. My 100-year-old sewer pipe to the road collapsed with the help of a plumber long ago who cut my sewer pipe and charged me and walked away. It is repaired, but I am afraid to even put tp down the commode. My ordeal was nothing compared to yours!

I am glad he was not hurt worse. He is extremely lucky.

Joists were failing? That could have been dangerous, too. I can only imagine what all you had to rip out and then replace.

Bacon made it better? Now, I want bacon.
I've had bad weeks but nothing compared to that! I'm glad that he didn't injure himself any worse, motorcycle accidents are truly nasty. I hope he can take it easy so he heals fast!

Why is it that hospital food is awful all over the world? I've never heard anyone say that they liked that food :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Midwest Musings said…
Holy cow! Here's to things looking up going forward. My dad (84) fell and broke his elbow New Years eve. Looks like a pin cushion now. Still bothers him a bit. We have an almost 100 yr old house. I feel for you!!!
Cottage Tails said…
yep comes in threes. So glad your 3r's are over and done. But what a shitty week for you all. Glad Chef ok - lucky lad! He will be enjoying your tit bits I'm sure.
Heritage Hall said…
Winnie's expression says it all... Alas....
hope the chef is up and around soon.