Winnie and Her D.O.G.

 Winnie's most favorite toy is her D.O.G.    Pronounced:  DeeOgee!

 She takes him to bed with her each night and brings him out in the morning to play with her and be mercilessly bitten.  D.O.G. never complains.  He is a good friend.

 How can this sweet little face cause such D.O.G. harm?

 It's easy.

I am a ruthless pup.


The JR said…
Winnie you are a beautiful pup.
Hope all of you have a happy weekend.
Winnie looks like a toy herself, albeit, a large toy.
Rain said…
I love it!! They are so adorable with their little toys. Jack has a little dog stuffed animal called Mr. Curly. He knows it by name and carries it around everywhere...lots of surgeries done on Mr. Curly over the years! We have another one that we taught Stella to pick up, Mr. Wrinkles. She now knows it by name too. Those hounds love their "prey"!! :)
That one picture of her sitting in the doorway is so freaking cute. That innocent little face. She can do no bad. Such a ruthless little killer.
Anonymous said…
Nothing stuffed survives in this cottage, all three are too good in ripping them apart :-) :-)

Have a great day!

D.O.G. is a faithful friend, indeed. oh winnie you ruthless pup, you.
Guillaume said…
Sweet Winnie. My wife'a family's dog Sky used to have a stuffed puppy too.