Winnie Goes on a Visit

 Winnie spent the day with her big sister while I was busy yesterday.  When I redid my daughter's place, I knew Winnie would be visiting often so I made sure the back patio was puppy proofed.  I fenced it in securely and made sure the gate locked. Yet, I designed the fence so she could look out.

The whole patio needs to be changed once the weather warms up.
I think this will be one of her new favorite places.


There is something definitely wonderful when you see a puppy of any age snoozing on a sun-drenched brick patio. It's just so comfortable to look at.
Heritage Hall said…
Only relaxed, fluffy Winnie could make a brick floor look soft...
Such a charmer...
Winnie loves her big brother (Blog Tech) and Sister. She looks very comfortable. Garden make over waiting to happen--hydrangeas (limelight) would be beautiful
What a perfect fence! and one knows she likes the place when she sleeps on that brick patio floor :-)

Have a great day!

Doesn't she look like a big teddy bear snoozing in the sun!
it looks like a lovely patio area. winnie will be comfortable there for sure.
Guillaume said…
Oh how I wish I could have napped today!