Winnie's First Easter

 A while ago, I decided that I wasn't going to do a big Easter dinner this year.  I would have had to hold it at the guest house to accommodate everyone and at this time of the year, the grounds are too messy to be going back and forth between the houses.

 A few days before Easter, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't let the day pass and not do something.  So, I made brunch at the main house for my kids.  And I forgot to take pics of most of it.

 I made a wonderful kale and Gruyere strata, grits with ham and red-eye gravy, chive and shallot rolls, Scotch eggs, bacon and sausages, carrots with butter and dill and popovers with compound butter.

 And cake....I made a coconut cake.

 And Winnie had a great day too.  All of her besties were here.


What a wonderful brunch that must have been! Your family is so fortunate to have a wonderful, imaginative cook who put out such a spread of food.

Oh my, Winnie is becoming such a big girl.
laurie said…
your table looked beautiful, and what a meal,, Winnie is filling the blog techs arms more each time he visits!
Susan said…
Love that rabbit! Your menu sounds amazing - all my favorite food groups (yours!) and I cannot believe how big Winnie is getting! I bet this is near the last time the Blog Tech is able to heft that cutie into his arms...
Rain said…
You table looks so great, you have a great flair Joyce! :) Winnie is such a stuffed animal lol...she's so cute! :)
I do like those easter bunnies!

Winnie is so cute, like a cuddly little bear :-)

Have a great day!

The JR said…
The cake looks just what I want right now.
Winnie is getting to be a big girl.
Karen Ann said…
I did the same darn thing! Threw a small gathering together last minute because.. sheesh, it's Easter, I better... I made an orange cake but yours looks divine!

Winnie is just adorable -

Beth Brown said…
Your photos of Winnie just make my day!
Guillaume said…
I love the rabbit centerfold. I love Winnie too.
brunch sounds delicious. and winnie looks happy.
Winnie is such a loved dogger and this makes my heart happy
Linda said…
Mama always made a coconut cake--white cake, 7-minute frosting, and coconut. It was scrumptious. Yours looks scrumptious, too.