A Fry Bread Party

It was my husbands birthday yesterday and the request for dinner was fry bread.  
I hadn't made fry bread in years.
 I made the dough in advance and made some salsa verde to go with it.

 It was a fry bread feast.

 And look at this cake my daughter baked!  It was a peanut butter cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and peanut butter ganache.  A work of art!

 I made mexican rice, guacamole and chili mole'.

 Refried beans, mexican coleslaw and carne asada.

 Grilled honey lime chicken.

And cowboy caviar.  There were lots of additional toppings which I forgot to take pics of.  I get so busy right when dinner is served that I often forget to take pics.  Winnie got to meet new people and had the best time at the party.


The JR said…
all of it looks yummy. your daughter did a great job on the cake.
Dee said…
Love fry bread!
I might have gained a lb. just reading this post. The food looks great and gives me some ideas for supper tonight. The cake is magnificent.
Happy birthday to your husband! What a feast! And your daughter's cake is magnificent!
Linda said…
What a wonderful cake. Did you teach your daughter to cook? What exactly is fry bread?
Jamie. said…
Wow that looks amazing!
OMG! Tex-Mex paradise!! That cake is soooooo cute!!
Anonymous said…
The food look just amazing and I'm pretty sure it tasted that too :-) That cake is a work of art :-)

Have a great day!

MaryO said…
Wow and Happy Birthday and many happy returns to your hubby!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tex/Mex food.
happy belated birthday to your husband. the food sounded delicious and the cake looked scrumptious. glad winnie made lots of new friends at the party.
I see that being an amazing cook runs in the family,the cake is spectacular and competes with many bakery cakes and honestly is much better looking in my opinion.The dinner looks so good as well, cowboy caviar is so addicting and deeelish!!!
Rain said…
Oh my gosh..the pictures are drool-worthy!!!!! :) Your daughter is so talented! That is an amazing cake!