A Love/Hate Relationship With Boxwoods

 When I designed my gardens, I wanted boxwood's everywhere.  I planted boxwood knots and boxwood's hedgerows along all of the stone walls.  Now each Spring when they burst forth with new growth, I hate them.

 I am the trimmer of the boxwood's so perhaps you can understand my complaining.

 This year I broke down and bought a battery operated trimmer which is vastly superior to my old electric one when it comes to handling it.  The battery only lasts for a little over an hour which prolongs this tedious task though it does make me take a break sooner than I would normally. I have these miserable little suckers planted from the top of my gardens to the bottom.  Maybe I'll be finished by Labor Day!

 Winnie is the messiest little drinker...notice the water all over her face?

 See the fan in the background?  I have fans in every room of the house to keep her cool.  The A/C just doesn't do it on it's own. It has been horribly hot and humid and it's not even Summer yet.

"I'm so hot mama".


Linda said…
Most battery operated trimmers and such come with two batteries so one can charge as the other is being used. I suppose Winnie fully uses the fans. Water on her face will cool her as she gets in front of a fan. I never trim the few boxwoods I have. I never trim anything. I lop branches that need to go on other things. Your boxwoods are very nice.
The JR said…
It's a pain, but your garden is spectacular. I've always loved the trimmed box woods.

Winnie, you are one cutie pie.
You need to train Winnie to trim boxwoods.
Karen Ann said…
I didn't know chows had such a tough time with the heat, but that should be obvious with their magnificent coat.

Your gardens are beautiful! We have a lot of boxwood too, but it was placed in an area where I want it to fill out, not much trimwork needed here.

Boxwoods are really awesome looking when well cared for and trimmed but a bitch to maintain. I hate them. My parents have them all around their property. Little fluffy Winnie, so cute.
Candace said…
Have you tried "petting" Winnie with an ice cube? Out long haired cat loved it. Cools you both off at the same time!
Rain said…
Oh my gosh, Winnie is so cuuuuuuuuuute!!! LOL...so hot mamma! I WISH I had your humidity Joyce, I will trade you the arctic cold any day!!! :) Those boxwoods...your bane...I wish you and your arms lots of luck and strength!! ;)
I do like boxwoods as tithe give formality to the gardens. However, I also hate cutting and trimming them.
Winnie always has the best expressions on her face when you take her pictures, like she knows she is striking a pose. She is adorable even with water on her face.