Cooking for Guests

 My daughter in law has family visiting from Brazil and I am feeding them while they are here.  I wanted to make typical American food.  They arrived late last night so I made a meat and cheese platter with lots of my homemade pickles and compotes.  This is always a good meal to sit out when people are just sitting around a table and talking. There is something for everyone and they can just pick at it as they please. Pickled hard boiled eggs are a nice surprise.

I also threw together a pesto pasta and fresh mozzarella bowl. Most everyone likes pasta.
 I made them a strawberry rhubarb pie.  I don't think they get pie in South America and I certainly don't think they have rhubarb.

 And brownies!  Sorry about the quality of the photos but I am so busy that I am lucky I remembered to get any at all.

 I made French bread and ramp butter to go with the meat and cheese.

And chocolate chip cookies.  Right now I am making them a huge breakfast to eat before they go out exploring today.


They'll go home raving about American food!
mxtodis123 said…
An awesome feast. Everything looks so yummy.
Many of us in Blogland would love to have a MIL like you. I am sure all guests were very happy to have that scrumptious meal.
NanaDiana said…
I wish I was visiting there! Your food is always AMAZING!!!! xo Diana
Susan said…
You are certainly sending them out fully fortified for anything! What bounty! What delicious-ness!
They are in the best of the best of hands while visiting. They won't be hungry that's for sure.
Anonymous said…
If they don't like all that there's something wrong with them :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
All of the food looks delicious Joyce, lucky guests!! :) Do you have one of those pans made especially for baguettes? They turned out looking fabulous!
Cottage Tails said…
what a lovely spread. Brent goes to Brazil soon for work. I hope he sees a cashew on a tree.
Guillaume said…
Yummy brownies.
Linda said…
Now, I want brownies!
what a lovely table of food. yummy.