Garden Water Features

 We opened about half of our water features yesterday.  This year the fountain has a new pump and lights and it's working better than ever before.  Notice the dead boxwoods in my hedgerow?  A whole clump of them died out of nowhere and I have no idea why.  Has anyone else had this happen?

 The first day of the pool being open is never pretty.  Look at all of that pollen floating on the top too.  I have to power wash the coping. We have an automatic cover that hasn't worked in years but we will be replacing it soon as a safety measure for Winnie.

 "Why is there a large body of water in my garden?"

 With all of the heat and rain we have had, the beds are filling in quickly.

 I continue to trim the goddamn boxwoods.

 I'm cutting grass about every 4 days.

 The planters are filling in nicely too.

 The cistern is running. This circulates rain water collected from the roof.

 My old black locusts are still dropping blossoms.

My bay trees are putting out tons of new growth.  One of them almost didn't make wintering over inside but it is back and as robust as ever.


Linda said…
That is strange about the boxwood dying. I have never had that, but I have never had as many boxwoods as you do. I did have a Doberman who cam every day and peed on a small azalea which finally died. That dog backed up to a low wall and pooped on it every day, too. I was afraid to chase him away.
The JR said…
I don't have any, but they are here at work. Some of them died.

your yard, like ours.........always a lot of work to be done.
Your cistern is my favourite part of your gorgeous garden. And PS, you're right -- Jesus WOULD cheer for Fleury.
Pike 17 said…
In the Netherlands we have a problem with the boxwood moth, I hope this isn’t the case in your garden. Greetings Carla
It's possible that a fungus attacked that part of the hedge. You would have to call a professional to come and check it out because only that person has access to fungicides to cure the problem. Also is that area near where water would pool at its roots? If so, it's a fungal problem and the professional will take care of it. Otherwise, I would tear out that part and just plant flowers. My dad had to tear out 10 feet of rotted boxwood and he planted roses in place of them. The roses thrived nicely. I Love your garden.
Anonymous said…
It looks very beautiful in Your garden! This year we're not so far behind because of the really hot weather we're having.

I don't know much about boxwood but I know fungus can be a huge problem so my guess is that Leeanna Henderson is right.

Have a great day!

your gardens are beautiful. how does winnie like them?
Rain said…
I love seeing photos of your grounds Joyce, everything is so beautiful! That is a really nice pool! But eek on the pollen! The cistern is gorgeous! I hope you've FINALLY finished with those boxwoods!