Hot Dog Buns and Puppy Love

 If you are making hot dogs for Memorial Day, you really should make these buns.  They make any kind of hot dog taste exceptional. 

 They are very easy to make too.

 And if you have more patience than I do, you can make them look a lot nicer than mine!

 You can find the recipe here:

 They are worth making for the smell alone!

 They freeze very well too.

 How could you not love a puppy that makes you feel so special?

 The Blog Tech was here three times yesterday.

Each time he came through the door, Winnie greeted him like this.

 She covers him in puppy kisses.

 This goes on for minutes at a time.

And then suddenly, it's over.


Valerie said…
The buns look delish--like all your cooking! What a love-fest between Blog Tech and Winnie--so sweet!
And the Blog Tech always has a clean face afterwards!
Linda said…
She has a quota of kisses and wags to dispense, and then it's over. Funny dog.
the buns look scrumptious. funny how winnie smothers the blog tech with puppy kisses and then just stops.
NanaDiana said…
I bet those are GREAT hot dog buns. I can't believe how big Winnie is getting!!! xo Diana
OMG! She has gotten so big.
Susan said…
The Blog Tech looks damp and happy!
Rain said…
Look at Winnie lol...she's such a stuffed animal lol! I will be making your hot dog buns the next time we have our frankfurters. The hamburger buns were a success and I know the hot dog buns will be too! :) Thanks for the recipe!
Guillaume said…
You make me hungry for hotdogs.
The JR said…
He must taste good from all that good cooking you feed him.