Planters Planted

 I planted most of my patio planters yesterday.  This large one is filled with lots of perennials and should be interesting when it grows.

 I still need a few additions to four of these planters. I have the chartreuse, red and purple theme going but I want to add a certain shade of yellow that I have yet to find.

 Same thing happening in these two big planters outside my back door.

I like to have cascading plants flowing from this one.  I need to straighten this out a bit!
 My tiny little basil plants are hardening off.

 Geraniums are potted.

 Some tiny tomatoes....I think I will be buying most of mine this year.  I started the seeds way too late.  The cukes and zukes should be okay though.

 The radishes grow overnight.

 My columnar apple is blooming.

Will this be the year that I finally paint my hothouse?
 This planter sits between my garage doors.

 It holds columbines, lupines, petunias, coleus and sweet potato vine.

I also added some phlox to the dead areas in the stone steps.  I'm gaining on it!


The JR said…
Looking great. I planted the rest of my planters yesterday. was an old washtub with a dent and a hole in it. A huge pot that use to be a small water pond. And a couple of big pots some trees came out of.

Let's say, really rustic compared to yours.

Your planters will be even more gorgeous when they fill out!
Susan said…
I love the phlox on your steps - it's so lovely! I need to get into gear (hopefully this weekend) and start planting!
Try string of pearls. It always looks dramatic with high standing pots. I have my geraniums with string of pearls in a pedestal pot by the courtyard gate it looks so pretty.
Guillaume said…
It looks lovely. I really wish I had the patience to be a gardener.
1st Man said…
SO pretty!!! Well done!