TGFG....Thank God For Grooming

 Winnie got groomed yesterday.  It took almost 3 hours.  All of the Charlie slobber is gone.

 Look at that tail and pants!  You can see that she is getting some of her adult hair and color.

As soon as she came home, she grabbed her favorite bone and took it outside.

Time to lay on the Mondo grass and do some chewing.  Grooming really takes it out of a little puppy.

 Look at all of that fluff.  She feels like a cotton ball.

 Then back inside to lay in front of the fan for some indoor chewing.

 A clean, happy, cool puppy with a bone.


The JR said…
I always call that their fur panties...

Have a great day.
There is a part in the cartoon Despicable Me, where Gru takes the girls to a carnival and wins a huge fluffy unicorn for Agnes. She says, "he's so FLUFFY! I'm gonna die!" Every time I see Winnie when she gets groomed, that is what I think of. SHE"S SO FLUFFY!
Lookin' good, Winnie!
MaryO said…
Happy puppy! So beautiful!
Rain said…
Wow! She really is a puff ball isn't she??? I can see how all that fur could be heavy in water...she's adorable Joyce! :)
Mary Ann said…
She looks so floofy!!!
Susan said…
I never knew a puppy could be so...fluffy! She is just gorgeous and really starting to come into her own. Your groomers do a super job!
Guillaume said…
I remember grooming my in-laws' dog. Cannot believe how hairy a dog can be.
Alicia Foodycat said…
She's not a little puppy any more! Look at that big girl coat!