The Egg and I

 "Mama, can I have some of what you are cooking up there?"  No Winnie, you can't eat a breakfast burrito.  But would you like a hard boiled egg?

 Quite a bit of jumping around occurred.

 Then some rolling happened.

 Then the fun was over and serious eating began.

It took all of a second.

 And then it was gone.

The day just goes downhill from here.


Is she part cat? She loves to play with her food before she eats it.,
Rain said…
Oh she's so cute, too bad you didn't get that on video! I give the dogs eggs with their breakfast each morning, well, just Charlie and Jack. Marlene's wonky digestive system can't handle them. But Jack only gets the whites or else we are in for a stinky day lol ;)
I've never given any of my dogs an entire egg like that, perhaps I should try because she seems to have lots of fun with it :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
My son looooves eggs too.
eating is so much fun, isn't it winnie?