The Send Off Dinner

 The houses guests had cinnamon rolls for their breakfast yesterday. And would't you know on the hottest day so far this year, my A/C broke.  By the end of an all day cooking marathon, my kitchen felt like it was 150 degrees.  I had to open the doors and windows to cool down and it was 88 degrees outside.

 The visitors left early this morning but I made them a Polish dinner for their last meal of the visit.  I made cheddar and potato pierogies as well as sauerkraut and mushroom ones.

 They were served covered in sauteed onions and three different kielbasas.  I also made rosemary crescent rolls which I forgot to take a pic of.  The polish food was served with sour cream for the pierogies and Polish mustard and horseradish for the sausage.

 Winnie says that the meal was not as good as her bone though.

She wraps her paw around her bone and chews and chews.


Anonymous said…
your guests will not forget soon your hospitality!
Ha ha, your guests did NOT go home hungry!
Anonymous said…
That food sounds delicious! I'm sitting here and wondering what I should make myself right now and it leans towards lamb sausages and perhaps fries :-)

Have a great day!

So sorry the AC was on the fritz. I'm betting everyone was happy with the food though,.
Linda said…
The broken ac and cooking would have been the end of me. Your guests probably think we all eat so sumptuously. That was a great sendoff meal.
Candace said…
Mr. Squash wants to know if you will adopt him - and he's Polish!
Guillaume said…
The Polish dinner with potatoes... It's too rich for today here (it's scorching hot), but right up my alley.
Kay said…
Oh my gosh! That looks so scrumptious!
what a delicious meal. winnie hang on to that bone.