The Spring Garden

 I made several trips to the nursery this weekend.  There will be quite a few more trips since I started my seeds too late this year.  Some of my plants will make it but many are far too small for this time of year. I have so many planters in my gardens that I will need a lot of plants to fill them all.

 I never know from year to year what my planting scheme will be.  I just wait until something hits me and then I run with it.  This year I am feeling chartreuse, purple and red.  With maybe a bit of yellow thrown in if I can find the right shades. 

 Sweet potato vine, dianthus, coleus, and lots of geraniums are some that I will be using.

 For years I was not a big fan of geraniums but a couple years ago my feelings about them changed.  They really are remarkable plants.  They don't demand much attentions and they winter over pretty well.  They also come in so many wonderful colors.

 My allergies as well as many of my specimens are blooming right now. The viburnum are scenting the entire house. I keep my windows and doors open when it is not too hot and the house smells like I have fresh flowers in each room.

 My radishes are loving this weather.

 The phlox is blooming.

 Some of it didn't make it through the long winter and is being replaced.

My hated Wisteria is blooming and I am going to try to get it out of here this year.  I will never plant Wisteria anywhere again.  It destroys whatever it grows on.

 We are cleaning and painting the fountain.
 Ferns and hostas are popping up everywhere.

My ramps!  I need them to spread more before I can start picking them.

 My strawberries are blooming surrounded by 'shooting stars' and 'soloman's seal'.

 Mayflowers are among my favorites. In general, I just love woodland perennials.

 And look at this jungle.  Behind the thicket which are my Katsuras, is my tiered orchard. I might need a machete to thin this area out.  I have a lot of work ahead of me for sure.

 Lily of the Valley.

 The espaliered apples are blooming.  Last year they were wiped out by a late frost.


 And Hellebore's.  My goddess do these things spread.  I have them everywhere.  This might be the year to start digging them up.  No matter how well planned  gardens are, they have minds of their own.  My plants find the area they like best and move to it.  Each Spring I am surprised to see where things have relocated.  I also have so many species of birds who help with the reseeding process.  It's a busy place out there and the mornings sound like I live in an aviary. You would never know that I live in a big city.


I love your garden. It's so much like an English garden. Almost primeval in some ways. I love the phlox.
I'm not in your league as a gardener but geraniums have long been a favourite of mine -- spectacular results with not much work! I like red the best.
Susan said…
It looks like you live in Eden! All you need to add is a fuzzy puppy!
Anonymous said…
Your garden already look amazing and I can only guess how much more it will be when all those new flowers is placed as well.

I was planning on going to my favorite garden center this coming weekend but my car has suddenly started to make strange sounds. Well I guess I can say I'm saving money for a short while till the garage bill comes :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I wish I had a garden like yours. Or at least that I was a capable gardener.
Anonymous said…
Your gardens are wonderful. Wish my yard produced flowering plants. Lots of shrubbery but not much in the way of flowers.
Kay said…
I wish my garden was as beautiful as yours when we were living on the mainland. I truly do have the proverbial brown thumb. Well... actually the things I wish wouldn't spread does, but the things I want don't. My lilies of the valley took over everything. I didn't know wisteria would ruin anything. They look so pretty.
you have a lovely garden indeed.