Treat Time

 This is the look on Winnie's face each time she returns from a walk.  She gets treats for taking a good walk.  Doesn't this face just say it all?  gimme gimme gimme!

 She barely finishes one before she is asking for another.

 "Look mama, there is nothing in my mouth except for my blue tongue."

 "I think my shadow ate that one."

 "I hate it when that happens."

 "This whole big floor and not a single treat to be found anywhere. I checked out every square inch."

"I hate it when treat time is over."


Those treats must really be something!
Rain said…
Look at that squishy face!!! She's adorable. :)
Heritage Hall said…
First photo … "OK Mom, I'm
ready and waiting...sock it to me.."
Linda said…
While I never search the floor for treats, I know the feeling that my treat cannot be gone. Cute face.
The JR said…
I couldn't resist giving her treats.