Trying Something New

 Winnie eats no grains except for what's in her homemade biscuits.  I made bread the other day and gave her a piece of the crust. That's it peeking out of her mouth.

 She did not know what to make of it.

 She seemed confused but she didn't quite want to drop it either.

 "What is this white pillow in my mouth?"

 "It doesn't look very interesting."

 "It sure smells good though."

 "I'll give it another try."

 "Where did it go?" "It must be in my belly!"

 "That was actually pretty good."

"May I have another?"


The JR said…
She is making the funniest faces.
Valerie said…
That last photo is priceless!
Anonymous said…
Yes dogs tend to love those :-) I gave my dogs cucumber this morning, they looked a bit confused but loved it in the end :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
She looks exactly like a little lion in that last shot - it's so much fun to watch them try new things. My Scrappy was a riot when he first tried a grape. He slowly rolled it around in his mouth - very slowly - looking at me with his big, moo-moo eyes. It took him forever to bite it!
Where did you get that cute lion cub? Winnie is just too cute. Would you please do all dog lovers a favor? Please put up a list of foods that they can and cannot feed their dogs. Susan just alarmed the hell out of me by saying she gave her dog a grape. All grapes and raisins are dangerous. PLEASE do that for all dog lovers.
Linda said…
Funny! Like a little baby or child it was a texture thing.
looks yummy wasn't it winnie?
Janice Hebert said…
Hahaha! Winnie is just too funny with that bit of bread! Our little dog would do just about anything for a bit of the crust of toast. I am trying to keep grains out of his diet but he sure does love toast.