Who Knew Focaccia Could Be So Much Fun?

 I made focaccia yesterday and thought that Winnie might like to try a piece.  I was right.

 Once again, she was not quite sure what to do with this new thing.

 She nudged it a lot.

 Tossed it around.

 Chewed on it a bit.

 Spit it out.

 Tossed it some more.

 Carried it around.

 Rolled on it.

 And finally swallowed it whole.

"My that was fun."

"Can I have another piece, mama?"

"Oh no, denied!"  (Click for a chuckle)


The JR said…
hahaha, what a face she is giving you in the last pic.
I think they do the same thing at Consumer Reports.
Linda said…
"You're kidding me, right?"
OMG! Lucy jumps around when I try to give her a treat. She teases and plays with it and the leaves it to check on Spunky then runs back to play with the treat and then scarfs it up and begs for more. The only time she doesn't play is when I give her watermelon or blue berries. She's a lady then.
Awww, that little pouty face!
Guillaume said…
I love focaccia.
that was funny winnie.