Winnie Can Never Get Enough Kisses

 It must be wonderful to be a puppy.

 I mean, how many of us have everyone hug and kiss us every single time we see them?

 How many people love with such utter abandon?

 Unconditional love makes everyone happy.

 Love is the absence of judgement.  (Dalai Lama)

 Not every person knows how to love a dog but every dog knows how to love a person. This does not include The Blog Tech.  He is the dog whisperer.

What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.  The Blog Tech does!
True love.


Valerie said…
Dogs not only give us unconditional love, they allow us to GIVE it--truly their best quality.
Winnie's gonna squish that boy some day!
MaryO said…
Beautiful post. So very true. You are blessed!
what a lovely tribute to winnie and the blog tech. they belong together.
Could you just imagine? No wars, no judgment what so ever. Just unconditional love. My Goddess! This would be a wonderful world if people acted like loving dogs.
Anonymous said…
So true!

Have a great day!