Winnie Loves Charlie

 This is Charlie.  He is my DIL's mother's bloodhound.

 Winnie loves Charlie.  These two played hard yesterday.  They played until they dropped.

 Everyone was right on the other side of this door eating.  Can you tell?

 Besties!  Winnie was covered in Charlie slobber.

 I baked cookies for all the mom's.

 Pecan Sandies.

 Chocolate chip shortbread.

 Rosemary shortbread.

 Chewy coconut cookies.

 Sprinkle cookies.

And peanut butter sandwich cookies.

 I packed these in baskets with some good chocolates and forgot to take a pic.

This is what Winnie did for the rest of the day after the party.


Cookies and pups - what could be better! It looks like you had a good Mother’s Day.
Rain said…
Oh my! Charlie is adorable!!! I love those hounds :) Cute picture of the two of them, I'm sure Winnie had a blast! Joyce...those! :) Glad you enjoyed your day :)
Poor Winnie! Charlie and his slobber wore her out!
Winnie has a boyfriend. So cute!!! Happy Mother's Day, darlin.
Anonymous said…
Who wouldn't love a Bloodhound :-)

Those cookies!! Look soo delicious!

Have a great day!

Heritage Hall said…

Who wouldn't love that bloodhound expression?
Bet Winnie is smitten...
Susan said…
How much fun that must have been to see! Winnie must have been in Heaven! Lawsymercy, those cookies look divine!
Linda said…
Love the cookie gifts. Winnie likes company!
Guillaume said…
That's sweet! And that looks delicious.
thats alot of cookies. yum. yum. glad winnie has a friend. looks like they partied hard.