Winnie's Food

Mama, I smell my food.
 About every 3 weeks, I make winnie's food and then freeze it.  I cook organic sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, black beans, ground lamb, beef and turkey, liver and a roasted chicken, all organic and grass fed.  I make brown rice in bone broth which I make from the leftover carcass. She gets a daily vitamin pill too.  She gets a daily fresh free range egg and plain Greek yogurt as snacks through the day.  She also gets homemade whole wheat, oat and cheese biscuits that are her favorites.  I make them weekly.

She is always happy to sample it and let me know if I got it just right.
I made French bread yesterday so Winnie dressed as a French bakery assistant to help.


Linda said…
She eats well! Are the biscuits people food, too?

I had four chickens that were allowed to free range. They were fed similarly to Winnie.
Dee said…
Winnie is growing so fast! She is such a cutie.
I'm so glad you are feeding her in a healthy way. Most puppy mommies don't really care. I like to cut seedless watermelon cubes for Lucy and Spunky. I make blueberry treats for them too. They love their fruit treats.
Ooh la la, Winnie, tu es belle!
Anonymous said…
It's so tricky do do the food for Albin since he's allergic to almost everything :-) :-) I can't use any rice for instance and I can forget about carrots :-) :-) The dog food I have found contains more or less only chicken bone meal, fibers from sugar beets and vitamins :-) :-) Well he seems to be able to eat it and he has gained some weight so far :-)

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
Lucky dog! Winnie is definitely the poster child for a great diet and loving care.
Oh, my, my, my, Winnie... please don't tell your Mama that our favorite snacks are fresh free range chicken shit and horse manure!!!

your pals at Bee Haven Acres
winnie you look lovely as a french bakery assistant. the hat was perfect.
The JR said…
Winnie you are so cute. You can come help in my kitchen.

You are one lucky puppy. Your mom sure cooks good food for you.