A Festival Under the Pines

 We attended one of our favorite festivals yesterday.  These chainsaw carvings greeted us as we entered.

 As well as these two alpacas.  Notice their bow ties.

 This festival is held on an absolutely beautiful farm.

 Each year they add new chicken coops.

 This is a very good place for chickens.

 Click any pic for a closer look.

 There were baby peeps that were so cute.

 Hand turned wooden utensils.

 Furniture made from local trees.


 Far off in the distance you can see a tent.  You can 'glamp' here if you wish.

 This woman was spinning yarn.

 Another chicken coop.

 These girls were in line to use the portajohn.

 Succulents for sale.

 The grounds are covered in pine needles and pine cones.

 And hey...a Jack O' Lantern...just sayin'!  It's only 4 months away!

 This truck should be mine!

 Score!  These were the only things I bought.

Trump country<]:o(


Blog Dog said…
Just because you see a motorcycle doesn't mean the riders all support Trump.
Lots of things I like there, one of those chicken coops would be perfect but that'll have to wait until I retire when ever that will be :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
Can’t wait to see those toadstools in place! Whole lotta red going on.... what a lovely venue.
Anonymous said…
the wood crafts are beautiful, the spoons, spatulas, look really nice! Toadstools for you or Blog Tech?
Linda said…
I let the pinestraw and pinecones lie in the section of the yard with pine trees. I love the look and feel when walking. It looks peaceful at this venue. I could stand more chicken pictures.
What marvelous photos! And yes, that food truck SHOULD be yours!
Guillaume said…
Oh I so wish I had been in such a place today! There was a fayre with the regatta, but I got sick like a dog so we stayed in.
Heritage Hall said…
What a lovely and enchanting place... somebody
with a special touch loves and cares for it...
a lovely festival indeed. that food truck should be yours for sure.