A Messy Puppy

 Winnie is the messiest drinker.  Her face is always covered in water after she drinks.  Not to mention what the floor looks like.  Click for a closer look.

She also ends up with egg on her face each time she eats one.  Yolk does not come out easily.

But we will keep her anyway.  She just wants to know when Fall will arrive.  We are seeing a lot of the blue tongue these days. Do you know why chow chows have blue tongues?  The Chinese say that when god painted the sky blue, chow chows followed him around licking up the drips.


Susan said…
What a wonderful concept! And what a beautiful face!
Old Orvar was just like that :-) :-) There was always more water on the floor than left in the bowl :-) :-)
92,1F here today but thunderclouds are building up so I hope they'll pass here :-)

Have a great day!

Love that blue tongue myth!
Ronnie said…
I'm a bit of a messy pup myself!! Winnie is gorgeous. I would keep her too.
Oh well, what's a puppy if they don't get messy once in a while. Actually, puppies are just messy two-year-old human children wearing a furry onesie.
Linda said…
I love the myth of the blue tongue.
Kay said…
Gracious! I didn’t know any dog had a blue tongue. I do love the tale that comes with it.
Megs said…
Winnie! What a cute story! I keep their drinking dishes on a boot tray. There’s also a mat thing called Aquashield which absorbs all the water. It takes up more room, but I was sick of slipping on the floor while mopping.
love the myth about chows. winnie looks adorable with water over her face.
The JR said…
She's a happy girl. Sweet thing.