Another Egg Post

 Winnie usually only gets a hard boiled egg when I have boiled some for another reason and throw a few in for her.  She normally gets a fried egg.  In other words, hard boiled eggs are treats.

 I keep posting pics of her with her egg because it never ceases to crack me up.

 She loves them so much but she always has to play with them first.

 You can see that she has happily adapted to having a fan blowing on her all the time.  It only took about a day to realize that fans are her friends.

 After egg play, the nibbles start and the egg quickly vanishes.

 And I always get the "do I get another" look.

 And is it my imagination or does she always give me the raspberry when she knows another is not coming?

A double raspberry!


Linda said…
She really likes her edible toy--pay with the ball first, then eat it.
I'm with Winnie -- fans are my friends in the heat too!
Kay said…
Too funny! She is so adorable! I didn't even know dogs like hard boiled eggs.
Guillaume said…
My son loves eggs too.
She is so cute! Our Samoyed loves eggs, too.
NanaDiana said…
That is so funny. You should do a little video of her playing with the egg before eating it.
Have a great week- xo Diana
chickpea678 said…
We give Summer eggs too! But I’ve never given it to her whole! I was afraid she’d gulp it down in one swallow 😆!
so sweet to see her with the egg.
She is such a sweetheart even giving rasberrys.. I love the fan too lol.
The JR said…
You are a sweet doggy Mom. She is beautiful.