Avocado Toast

 I was recently introduced to avocado toast by my daughter and I can't understand why I haven't been eating this my whole life.  It can be made many ways, some very simple.  Of course, I complicated mine!  The first time I had it, it was simply a piece of multigrain toasted bread with a mashed avocado, arugula, a drizzle of olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt.

 I made this yesterday for my family and placed a slice of Havarti cheese on the toast topped with a thin slice of prosciutto, a fried egg, sliced tomatoes, arugula and crumbled goat cheese drizzled with a poppy seed dressing.  Just outstanding!

 When The Blog Tech came to pick his up, another puppy lovefest happened.  No one ever gets tired of this ritual.  First comes the barrage of kisses.

 Then Winnie gets comfy.

 A little shut eye.

Pure bliss.


The JR said…
Now that is a lap blanket!
Avocado toast also has a whole subtextual, cultural significance, doesn't it -- it's always cited as a prime example of the kind of expensive but unnecessary luxury item that Millennials are accused of pissing their money away on, instead of saving for a home, car, etc, i.e. all the things they bitch that they don't have which are financially out of reach for them. (I'm not saying that's an accurate view of Millennials but it's the "stereotypical" view among many crabby Boomers.)
Susan said…
I tend to be a purist, as I love the subtle flavor of avocado. That said, your version sounds amazing! I love how the Blog Tech settles in so that Winnie can have her bonding time. They are too cute!
I have actually tried avocado toast and liked it a lot but I've never done it myself :-) :-) Was the toast cold because I feel that warm Havarti is a bit too much for me :-) :-) I really like that cheese but only if it is cold.

Nothing's like having a warm dog blanket on a hot day :-) :-)

Have a great day!

chickpea678 said…
Adorable pictures of the Blogtech and Winnie! They looove each other ☺️!

I knew it was just a matter of time before you did an avocado toast blogpost! It’s such a good trend! Yours looks scrumptious!
love your avocado toast. looks scrumptious. winnie and the blog tech true happiness.
Guillaume said…
I love avocado toasts with eggs and smoked salmon.