Blessed Litha

 It's here!  Summer Solstice.

 Enjoy the longest daylight of the year. For the days begin to shorten after today.  The glorious dark will return.

 Build a bonfire tonight.  The most important hallmark of Celebrating the Summer Solstice is leaping over the bonfire during Midsummer’s eve, which rids one from “everything unnecessary.” Summer Solstice is associated with the Element of Fire which bears both constructive and destructive properties. Jumping over the flames is an ancient ritual which was interestingly “christianised” too. But leaping over the bonfire won't just help us get rid of “everything unnecessary”. Couples leap over the sacred fire holding hands, so that the magical energy of the flames binds them together in love and happiness.

 I am going to jump my Polish ass back and forth over my bonfire tonight hoping to get rid of unnecessary things, aka Trump.  A bit of a burnt rump is worth it.  And BTW Trump..."tender age shelters"?  Really?  If that doesn't sound like something right out of the Nazi playbook I don't know what does.  I'm betting Miller came up with that name.

 What will you do to celebrate the turning of the wheel towards Autumn?

The surest sign of Litha?  The Oakleaf Hydrangeas color change begins. Nature is almost always right on time!


Valerie said…
Solstice blessing to you!
Wishing you all the blessings of the summer solstice, Joyce!
Theresa said…
Gosh, I'd do much more than leap over a bonfire if it meant getting rid of Trump.
I don’t think I will be doing any leaping but I do enjoy summer and sunny days. Happy Summer Solstice.
Susan said…
I'm with Theresa. I'll jump over a bonfire and walk on coals. Unfortunately, if I lit a bonfire, I'd get fined right now. It's so damn dry that we're not allowed to light anything. I will still celebrate in my own way - the most glorious day of the year!
Karen said…
I’m with you sister—let’s jump to get rid of them all.
ljones said…
I'm with you there! Also can't start fires as we are from Colorado and about to burn up!
Happy Summer Solstice.
Impossible to start a fire here today, the rain is pouring down and it's pretty chilly, just as it almost always is on Midsummer here :-) :-)

We'll celebrate it tomorrow and up here in the north tomorrow will be just as long as today but the day after that will be almost a minute shorter.

Have a great Solstice and jump a lot!

First, Blessed Litha. I'm baking a loaf of raisin carrot bread today. I'm going to try to talk David into making a firepit for the courtyard this autumn.
Joyce you need to be in NZ - we had our first frost! You would love it (and be good to cool off your rump)
Love L xx
Guillaume said…
I wish I was a Pagan sometimes so I could truly appreciate the solstice. Time for witches gathering, from what I understand. Nearby (fairly nearby where I live anyway), neo Pagans and wannabe druids gathered around Stonehenge today for sunrise.
Blessed Litha to you and yours.

No bonfire here for me, but my Polish ass will be jumping in spirit at least :)