Everything is Blooming

 It's almost Summer and everything is blooming.

 It's also amazing how much you can grow in containers.

 A new Greenman for the potting table.

 The cistern is running which, despite the awful heat, makes it feel cooler just because of the sound.

The wisteria and clematis is making the pergola groan.

 Everything is lush and green.

 We've had sun and intense heat for days.  Winnie is not happy.  Neither am I.

 I'm harvesting cucumbers.

 With many more on the way.

 I've picked several peppers too.



The JR said…
Our tomatoes are super slow. I have enough cucumbers to sell at market. I love your planters with the faces. I have a small collection, but would love to add to it.
That Green Man is earning his keep!
Susan said…
Wow! It almost looks tropical! I have to agree that summer is not my favorite season. If it wasn't for tomatoes I would absolutely loathe it. BUT, fall follows summer, so there's something for us to look forward to.
Absolutely beautiful! I just picked five tomatoes and a large colander full of cucumbers this morning. It was raining too. I love it.
Looks amazing in Your garden now!

Very little is in bloom here now because of the hot start and then the drought came. No flowers on either my tomatoes or peppers yet, I guess it got too cold for them now but summer is still young so they have plenty of time still :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
what a beautiful space you created,, its truly a work of art,
What a beautiful garden you have.
Guillaume said…
Oh how I wish I could garden like you!