Getting Groomed

 "I went to the groomer and came home with something stuck on my head".

 "Thank you Mama, that is much better".

 "I feel very fluffy and light now.  The groomer said I am the nicest chow chow she has ever groomed".

"This grooming business makes me very sleepy".


The JR said…
I'm glad your groomer loves you that way she will be very good to you.

You are beautiful as always Winnie.
Awwww, who's a pretty girl?
Susan said…
Grooming a chow chow must be challenging! I've only had one dog that needed grooming - my much missed Pepperoni - and he was a snap, compared to Winnie. She sure looks gorgeous!
NanaDiana said…
So cute! That must be quite a job to groom a chow with all that thick fur. xo Diana
Such a pretty baby girl. And very tired too. She must have heard all the best gossip.
Rain said…
Awww...but really, a bow? I guess some pet people like that! When we used to bring the dogs to get groomed (way back when...) they'd always come out with a nice handkerchief around their necks, it was kind of nice :)
sweet, indeed. you need your beauty rest winnie.