Gift Giving

 A friend of mine retired recently and yesterday was her retirement party.  She is a much loved teacher and will be sorely missed.  I wanted to give her a special present to commemorate her years of dedication.

   I hired an artist to paint these Tom's shoes for her.

 My friend is an artist and a language teacher so I thought she would get a kick out of these.  She always wears interesting shoes too.

 I think when you are giving someone a gift, you should put a lot of thought into it.  Thoughtless gifts are insulting.

 I feel that if you can't give thoughtful gifts, you shouldn't give a gift at all.

 I gave her this framed saying which I had made for her too.  Her name and the date are on the bottom.

 I also like to wrap presents as nicely as possible. It shows the recipient that you took time to make the gift special.

I wrap my gifts elaborately so the people receiving them don't want to open them.


Karen Ann said…
Lovely gifts! I feel the same way about gift giving - and I think people really appreciate when you put the extra thought into it.

Valerie said…
Beautiful! I agree--with a little thoughtfulness, the smallest gift becomes a treasure!
Gorgeous, perfect gifts!
Linda said…
People usually point out that it is the thought that counts even with thoughtless gifts. I agree that thoughtless gifts are insulting. Your friend will appreciate both gifts, I am quite sure.
You always give great gifts and You wrap them so beautifully!

Have a great day!

Heritage Hall said…
Aren't you wonderful.....she must have been
enchanted by all the thought you put into
your gift for her.