Good Morning Winnie

 Good morning Winnie!

 How are you this morning?

 Still a little sleepy maybe?

 Just take a little nap at the bottom of the steps.

 See, I told you you are still sleepy.

 "No I'm not Mama!"

Rest up a bit before your big walk.


I could use a nap too. Good idea, Winnie!
Rain said…
Dogs have such a hard life... ;) She's so cute!
Susan said…
I could just eat her with a spoon! She is so fluffy and lovely!
The JR said…
She looks like she has a lion's mane around her neck. Such a sweet girl.
I wish Albin was sleepy in the morning, he's anything but :-) :-)

Have a great day!

MaryO said…
What a precious face!