June Gardens

My garden is starting to look good.  Things are filling in and my first tomatoes and peppers are forming.  No signs of zucchini yet.  I have lots of blossoms but no fruit.  This happens to me every year.

I am not even half way through trimming my boxwoods.  I hope to get them done this week.

 I planted a lot of perennials in planters this year so I don't expect much from them.  Hopefully they will look much better next year.


 Delphiniums are about to bloom.

 I planted nasturtiums in many of my planters so eventually they should cascade down the sides.

 Tomatoes, herbs, peppers, bay trees and flowers.

 I will be happy when this Fall Flowering Clematis blooms....FALL!

Clematis, radishes and a pot with nasturtiums. 


The JR said…
After sweating buckets from working in the yard all day yesterday, I can say I'm ready for FALL too.

Looking good.
Linda said…
It all looks very neat.
Man, I always want to run away and live in your garden for the summer.
dindin said…
how long does it take for you to water everythinh?
Susan said…
What a joy it must be, to walk through your gardens! I love the idea of planting vegetables in those big troughs - so easy on the back!!
Leanna said…
Yesterday the heat index was 107. Humidity sucks but I went outside to trim my roses and water my hanging baskets and such. I paid for it though. I can't wait for autumn to get here.
It looks beautiful!

I'm a bit behind You, my tomato plants and pepper plants grow ell but still no flowers and my squash plants are just about to start growing. Who would have known we would get this heatwave we've had, if I had known my plants would have come much further :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
it looks amazing,, all your hard work shows!!Now go jump in that pool!!!
Rain said…
Oh wow! Everything looks great Joyce! :) Your flowers are very pretty, my nasturtiums did so well growing in the winter, go figure they've all dried up in the summer lol...I guess I conditioned them for cold or something, but I planted more so hopefully I'll have more flowers soon!
Guillaume said…
A garden in June is lovely. It's my favourite month of summer, generally.
Kay said…
It all looks absolutely gorgeous and so manicured.
Everything looks lovely. I think that gardens are the best in June. Everything is growing and the bugs that eat everything have not arrived yet.
beautiful indeed.
chickpea678 said…
Wow. Your garden, your eye, your dedication are all AMAZING to me. It is all so spectacular!!!