Mornings on the Porch

 Each morning, I take Winnie out on the porch as the sun comes up.

It's our little morning ritual.
She soaks in the sun as it rises.
 And she makes sure all the birds are in the right places.

Then it's time for her walk.


Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures.
Theresa said…
What a perfect way to greet the day, and what a beautiful series of pictures. Thank you.
She looks so sweet. Is it hot there? We are in the 90's but this weekend is in the 80's because of our popcorn showers.
Rain said…
That's a great morning ritual!! :) I let all 6 pets out on the porch too and they enjoy the sun rising as I get ready to walk the dogs. Lovely time of the day!!
Winnie, Goddess of the Sunrise!
Alicia Foodycat said…
She's getting so big!
A perfect way to spend a sunny morning :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
Winnie is a sun goddess!