Strawberries are Fun

 My daughter and I went to a local farm yesterday to buy strawberries to make sauce for a dessert I'm making for a dinner party tonight.  Winnie got her first strawberry.

 Isn't this the way you act when you get your first strawberry of the season?

 I know I always roll on mine.

 "These little red balls are fun."

 "What should I do with this strange new object?"

 "Maybe I will lick it."

 "Maybe I should eat it."

 "Or not."

 I think I will just knock it around with my nose."

"Mama, it fell down my throat.  Can I have another?"


Dee said…
She is too funny! Thank you for sharing her with us.
Linda said…
Ah, all these edible balls...
At least she enjoys her food. I love that last picture. She really does look like she was asking for more.
Susan said…
I love it when they are discovering new treats - such fun!
Heritage Hall said…
Okay - ready for the next!
Guillaume said…
The dog my in-laws had loved raspberries. I am the one who gave her a taste for it.
Strawberries fall down MY throat all the time TOO!
chickpea678 said…
SO cute! You are gifted at capturing moments and writing with humor! “Mama, it fell down my throat” LOL!