Summer Solstice Eve

 My favorite day of the year is tomorrow. Summer Solstice is the beginning of the countdown to Fall.  After tomorrow, the days will slowly shorten and Autumn is not far away.

 The tree peonies will be opening their jester hats soon.

 I hope I remember to divide this Hosta in the Fall, it is taking over this area.

 It's a real jungle out front.

 Clematis in bloom.

 With hydrangeas in the background.

It's a very green time of year.


I think that's the biggest hosta I've ever seen!
The JR said…
everything looks green and happy
Your house and garden look so beautiful.
A magnificent jungle though and lots of people would love to have something similar in their garden :-)

For once we actually celebrate Midsummer's eve at the right day :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
So, fall is the time to divide hostas? I was hoping to do it now - mine are taking over the world! I am so looking forward to midsummer tomorrow - it always seems like such a relief.
Awesome jungle! If it weren't for the heat I would have something like that too. We had rain all day for 2 days now. Tomorrow will be scattered showers but I think the Solstice will be a sunny day.
Karen Ann said…
This is a good year for hosta - mine around the cottage are huge too!

Guillaume said…
This looks like the porch of a haunted house. Do you also have a haunted garden?
Rain said…
An AWESOME green time of the year!!! :) Your plants are lovely and wow, look at that hosta!!! Love those! Oh yes, tomorrow you jump up and down for joy for your countdown...while I lament the season I love so much hoo hoo! ;) (I'll change my tune in October!!!)
LOVELY. looking forward to autumn.